Marshall GoldenMarshall Golden is a 48 year-old Canadian, born, raised, and still living in Toronto. With an eclectic background that encompasses Film & TV Production, Digital Media, Law, Politics and Motivational Speaking, Marshall has lived out in the world and has the opinions and ideas to back it up.

TheReel.com was Marshall’s first web site, originally launched in 1994 as the first site in Canada to post weekly reviews of newly released films and videos. Also known for it’s extensive annual coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival, TheReel.com was written and edited by a group of professional reviewers who, when not reviewing for some of Canada’s most well-known publications, worked on The Reel as a labour of love. Taken offline in 1998 when Marshall took a senior position at fledgling dot.com startup, The Reel is now getting a second life as Marshall’s Blog and will soon be available at http://www.thereel.com.

Reel topics will cover many of Marshall’s passions, including, Politics, Justice, Fatherhood, Popular Culture, Technology, Reel World events, Reel Life, and any other topics that seem worth talking about.

And, of course, what would a blog be without you, the reader. Reel topics are meant to provoke thought and, ultimately, discussion. So please weigh in with your thoughts, ideas and disagreements. This blog is meant to be a forum for Reel Ideas, and that includes yours.

Thanks for visiting and come back again soon.

Welcome to The Reel – Reel life in Reel time. Really.

Marshall can be reached at marshallG@thereel.com

  1. hyla g. says:

    hello i am marshalls daughter if you dont nkow it he died the 29 of july in canada i miss him very much i loved him , i love him ,and i will still love him please post your comments i will realy apreciate them.

    • Bernard M.L. Katz says:

      Dear Hyla, It’s over a year since your dad died so suddenly. We didn’t find out about his passing until yesterday and are shocked and so sorry. We shared a wonderful aunt with his parents, his sisters and of course with him. Our aunt Rose (Mel’s mom’s sister) was married to Morris, his grandfather Harry’s brother.- so we’re related by marriage. We’d talk from time to time with your grandmother, Judy, and grandfather, Aubrey about our families and especially about our wonderful Aunt Rose, whom we all loved very much. Your dad was a dear great-nephew for her. So although we really don’t know you personally and we didn’t have much contact with your dad, our families cross over many lines of family history. As a youngster, Mel would sometimes go up to Harry and Gert’s cottage on Lake Simcoe, and he visited their home on Dewborne Ave. many times with his parents. We know that you are coming to Toronto for a visit very soon, and we trust that you will have a great time with your dad’s family here. We hope that your (and their) loss will be a little easier to bear while you are with them. They are a warm and loving family and your being with them will certainly help them too.
      Warmest wishes,
      Mel and Gilda Katz.

  2. Gracy Esses-Kahn says:

    Hi Hyla,
    My name is Gracy Esses-Kahn and I went to school with your father at United Synagogue Day School. I was very close with your father during our school years. I remember him as a lively, energetic and positive individual who loved to have fun and especially loved to make others laugh. He couldn’t resist the opportunity!
    I was going through my old boxes and came across a newspaper clipping from The Toronto Sun (Friday May 2, 1980). I’m not sure if you know, but your father was a “SUNshine Boy”.
    The paper wrote about his enthusiasm for magic and how “he plans to turn his magic in another direction – his latest hobby is film-making”. This brought a huge smile to my face.
    I looked up your father online and came across his blog where I learned that he had sadly passed away. I am very sorry for your loss. Whenever I think of your father I’ll always remember how he made me laugh.
    My condolences to you and your family.

    (If you would like to have the newspaper clipping you can get in touch with me at o.m.y.kahn@rogers.com)

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